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Collaboration with film-maker Jo Mayes

We’ve been working with experimental film-maker Jo Mayes who has taken our music and used it to produce 3 short studies, as well as a short film to accompany Cross-stream roundtrip time (featured on the homepage).

Jo Mayes is a founder member of Cinestar artist film group and is currently creative producer/director of Loop the Loop – creative adventures inspired by books, in association with Cornwall Libraries, ACE and Feast Cornwall.

jo mayes

Dr Joanna Mayes has a background in education (BEdHons) and Jazz improvisation. Most recently, Jo completed a PhD in participatory performance/art at Dartington College of Arts. Currently living in Cornwall, creative projects include both creative production and direction as well as the making of film and installation work. Jo’s continued interest lies in the way in which we locate ourselves and how to extend this understanding through community and performance. Recent collaborations include Shallal Dance Theatre on the Remapping St Ives project and is currently working on ‘Loop the Loop – creative adventures inspired by books’ at St Ives Library, in association with Cornwall Libraries. Jo is a founding member of Cinestar artist’s film group and also provides programming support for St Ives Jazz Club.

Jo says that “I have enjoyed creating a very personal response to Michelson Morley’s music, developing the work through meeting up individually with each musician and focusing on what they do and how they approach their instrument. Three individual pieces were then created in response to new tracks from their album, each focused on one instrument, with a final un-pop video where footage of the three instruments are layered across each other. The footage, whilst digitised via telecine, attempts to retain the basic structure and colour of the hand-processed original and a sense of the playing experience captured on film.”

Posted April 21, 2014