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A trio of reviews of our Bristol launch…

“If the album is an assured, gripping group performance, the live show is an even more pulsating ride… The two sets were a celebration of some of the more creative and imaginative music that has been brewing gently in Bristol over recent years and now, happily getting wider recognition.”

Mike Collins, Jazzyblogman

“It feels like the start of a new “Bristol sound”, a mixture of the acoustic and electronic, using floor boxes rather than racks of processors, playing acoustically generated music with the form of electronic music. Whatever it is, it is good, it is exciting, and Michelson Morley are leading the charge.”

Charley Dunlap, Listomania

“[Rice Rage] was a brilliant final flourish that underlined how well this project had found an identity that promises great things of which Strange Courage is only the first.”

Tony Benjamin, Bristol 24/7

Posted September 21, 2016